Shipping Advice for the Holidays: Freight

The statistics are clear; consumers no longer purchase most of their holiday gifts by going to the store. Online retail buying is incredibly easy for consumers, but it may also add stress to already hectic holiday shipping. Although planning is essential, here are some additional suggestions to reduce the stress associated with transporting freight over Christmas holidays.

The holidays are already a difficult time. Nobody likes to put themselves under additional stress by attempting to maintain order. It is important to use a logistics transportation management solution for logistics that makes use of technology to assist businesses in the planning, carrying out, and optimizing of the physical movement of goods, both incoming and outgoing, as well as in ensuring that the shipment is compliant and that the necessary documentation is available. The key objective is to move inventory around with efficiency and effectiveness.

Holiday Shipping: What To Do In Advance 

Plan: Without careful planning, managing your supply chain successfully over vacations is asking for trouble. To have the product ready and give yourself some advance time, set production and order deadlines.

Ship early: Most transportation companies will be closed for the holiday or only operate part-time, which could compromise prompt pick-up, extend the anticipated transit time, and postpone the delivery. To get ready for this peak, your company must ship earlier.

Even if you try to ship early, you will still have a lot of goods to cope with, which could lead to backups and congestion in the warehouses and ports. You allow yourself enough leeway for on-time delivery to customers when you ship as early as possible.

Think about every shipment option: Each shipping firm has specific shipping requirements. For instance, small firms can use less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping for their shipments to help ensure on-time delivery while also helping reduce shipping costs.

Larger shipping volumes from more well-known companies can be handled before Christmas using different transportation methods like FTL and intermodal. It is imperative to have a plan for the type of shipping you will utilize, regardless of the size of your organization.  

Communication with clients and suppliers: Customers anticipate being informed as soon as feasible of any delays or problems with their shipment. You must properly communicate with consumers about when they should expect their freight because delays happen.

Recall to let your consumers know when order and shipping deadlines are so that they may plan accordingly. Additionally, inventory levels are always fluctuating. Make sure to indicate when an item is out of stock on the website to avoid backorders.

You need to keep in touch with your suppliers and customers. You must share any order volume in advance to keep up with orders during the hectic Christmas season.

Companies are looking to diversify their manufacturer mix if the key ones aren’t available, especially during the hectic season. Having a backup reduces risks throughout the hectic season; consider anything that will assist your business and suppliers during this time.

Use Track & Trace: Check, then check again. Planning and sending everything out is only half the battle; the holidays always impact delivery and transit. Whether a full load or a less-than-truckload, be sure you and the carriers are on the same page. Around a holiday, the majority of businesses will reduce or end operations.

The estimated delivery times must be communicated. If there is poor communication, the load will arrive at the customer’s closed door. Some delivery services are open on holidays and are available for deliveries.

Having sufficient operational visibility is the greatest approach to staying on top. You can benefit from the logistics transportation management throughout the chaos of busy shipping!